Everyone should add a conditioner bar to their haircare!

Solid Conditioning Hair Bars

If you’re feeling as sorry as we are about how your beauty consumption is impacting the planet, listen up.

As the oceans fill up with plastic, marine life suffers at the hands of our SPF and landfill piles ever higher with our non-recyclable beauty bottles, we’re always looking for new, more sustainable beauty choices.

At the start of this year, the beauty industry’s ears were pricked when cosmetics company Lush announced that they would be opening the first UK plastic package-free store. While the trusty cleansing bar has been a staple in every eco-beauty-princess’s arsenal for years, Lush opened up our eyes to a whole new world of package-free beauty.

And we are HERE for it. Not only do the package-free substitutes appeal to our inner eco-warrior, but the average shampoo bar will last approximately three times longer than its liquid counterpart. LOVE. IT.

With solid options to foam up everything from faces to hair, there’s no need to compromise on our cleansing routines….but what about conditioner?

Habitual or not, we’re craving conditioner. So, does this part two of hair bars exist?

YES IT DOES! With thanks to their eco-ethos, heavenly scents and easy-to-use nature, solid conditioners have wormed their way into our everyday haircare regimes and we’re not looking back.


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